Saturday Apr 13, 2024

EP 39 // Unleash Your Inner Power: The Shocking Truth About Faith and the Subconscious with Dr. Tara Perry!

Hey Sweet Friend!

In this episode of "The Business of Inner Peace," I sat down with the incredible Dr. Tara Perry for a conversation that will blow your mind (in the best possible way). Dr. Perry, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, brings over two decades of expertise in Core Trauma Transformation to the table. Together, we dove deep into the labyrinth of the subconscious mind, exploring how faith and subconscious beliefs intertwine to shape our reality.

From her extensive experience treating everyone from celebrities to first responders, Dr. Perry shares powerful insights on how to uncover and overcome our deepest blocks, allowing us to reconnect with our true selves and thrive in unshakeable confidence. Plus, we explore her journey teaching at the prestigious Arthur Ashe Center at UCLA and her own podcast, "Next Level Healing."

So, if you're ready to take your understanding of faith and the subconscious to the next level, grab your headphones and join us for a transformative conversation that's bound to leave you feeling inspired and empowered. Tune in now on all major platforms!

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I hope you find so much love and support in this episode!

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